The use of fillers is not new. Since many years ago these substances have been used in order to fill and increase one or several body parts

TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Patricia Clarenbeux Venezuelan plastic surgeon Daniel Slobodianik, holds a jar with biopolymer gel removed from a patient, during an interview with AFP in Caracas on August 8, 2013. Surgical enhancement to the body has become such a norm in the South American nation, but the use of biopolymer substance has patients living a nightmare. AFP PHOTO/Leo RAMIREZ

TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Patricia Clarenbeux
Venezuelan plastic surgeon Daniel Slobodianik, holds a jar with biopolymer gel removed from a patient, during an interview with AFP in Caracas on August 8, 2013. Surgical enhancement to the body has become such a norm in the South American nation, but the use of biopolymer substance has patients living a nightmare. AFP PHOTO/Leo RAMIREZ

There are biocompatible substances such as hyaluronic acid , collagen, etc. which are successfully used in treatments of body fillers without adverse effects and autoimmune reactions.

These substances have a limited period of time, as they are slowly absorbed by the body until its disappearance.

Nonabsorbable and synthetic substances produced in the body multiple immune responses that can range from a nuisance or a slight discoloration of the skin to intense pain or important immunological symptoms.

Any cosmetic treatment that involves injecting substances into the body , must be performed by a doctor specializing in plastic surgery , dermatology or aesthetic medicine.

Cosmetologists, beauticians, trainers, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc. are not properly trained to perform such treatments as they don’t have College of Medicine Studies and unknown adverse effects of these substances in the body , and the treatment indicated in cases of severe adverse reactions .

If you have received injections of any unknown substance by any of these non-medical professionals, please do not go back to them if you have any symptoms or reacctions.

What these people do is complicate things. They Indicate medications without having knowledge of pharmacology or its possible adverse effects or perform local treatments (massage, ultrasound, injections, etc.) that cause complications.

If you have biopolymers you should initially go to a plastic surgeon ( even without any manifestation) , to be evaluated and explained under what conditions you are and the potential risks that exist. The surgeon may suggest consultation with other specialties (immunologist , dermatologist, infectious disease specialist , internists , psychologists, etc.), according to the state of each patient.

Not all patients with biopolymers must undergo surgery for removal. Only those patients who have frequent crises ( every 3 to 6 months or less) with marked manifestations that affect the quality of life significantly are candidates for surgery.

Surgery is limited in these cases to remove the affected tissue areas that produce discomfort. What does not bother you should not be touched.

Patients who have no marked manifestations or symptoms or have sporadic crises should avoid surgery and lead a life with a series of strict care to prevent its occurrence. These recomentdations are shown below. In these patients, surgery may be counterproductive because unfortunately the total extraction of the substance and diseased tissues is impossible under any surgical technique. Therefore surgery may cause the occurrence of events that did not exist , since there will always be substance in the body.

Biopolymers are dangerous mainly for 3 reasons:

They can trigger an excessive inflammatory reaction in the body, because the body identifies the biopolymer as a foreign object and triggers a defensive reaction.

The biopolymers may migrate from the original site where they were injected causing reactions elsewhere in the body.
Most often they have no health control which increases the risk of complications and side effects of infection.

Other important consequences of biopolymers are allergies, fibrosis, lesions and changes in skin texture.

The most common local signs includes swelling, skin irregularities, edema, erythema, keloid scars, hyper or hypopigmentation, ulcerations, hardening, necrosis and fistulas. And in rare cases the substance may spontaneously out through the skin. Ulcerations take months or years to heal , but usually heal over time.

The most common general symptoms are pain, fever, joint pains, allergic reactions, physical exhaustion, depression, respiratory distress, drowsiness, malaise and depression.

Biopolymers stimulate the appearance of cellulite or orange skin

Why does this happen?

Remember that cellulite is a result of impaired circulation of fat layer (hypodermis ). Fatty tissue grows and the sidewalls are thickened dimpling. Biopolymers further affect this ciruculación due to compression of the lymphatic vessels.

One of the most serious consequences of the application of biopolymers is that it is very difficult to remove totally. There is not yet enough experience in treatments. Some surgeons and physicians are specializing in extraction through various surgical techniques. Treatment consists primarily in controlling symptoms such as inflammation, by analgesics, antihistamines and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.

Surgical removal should be performed as soon as possible if the patient has severe symptoms.

One of the serious and most common mistakes is to apply local corticosteroids indiscriminately , they do not dissolve the mass and thin out the skin instead.

Massages not dissolve the masses and like corticosteroids , thinning skin lining. Conventional liposuction, vaser or laser or do not help. On the contrary, they worsen the situation.

Dr. Daniel Slobodianik is currently conducting biopolymer extraction by open exploratory surgery. Many variations and improvements have been achieved during five years of operating these patients with excellent results. Hidden scars , the more substance extracted, correcting sagging buttocks among others currently allow patients to regain their quality of life and in cases where it is possible to improve the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks.

Ahead you can examine a MRI of the same patient, with comparisons before and after surgery. Postoperative images correspond to two months of postoperative period:

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-29 a las 13.59.11

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-23 a las 15.36.47

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-14 a las 11.05.03santa marta de ortigueira como conocer gente nuevaI have in my body biopolymers What should I do?

If you are a victim of biopolymers and you want to be evaluated by Dr. Daniel Slobodianik, contact us by phone (+34 722478222) or email (

If you have severe reactions ideally you keep quiet. The less » manipulate » the area , the better.

Care for patients with biopolymers

These precautions should be followed strictly. Not follow them can be the difference between have not symptoms or begin to suffer them and be a later candidate for surgery. As a diabetic or hypertensive patient, which should take care her whole life avoiding certain risk factors, biopolymers patients must follow these care to reduce the possibility of starting to have symptoms or worsen existing ones.

1.- Heat is your worst enemy. Avoid at all costs.

Avoid: go to saunas , hot springs , bathing with hot water, heat therapies in the lower back, sit in hot places, such as car seats that are exposed to sun, etc. NO beach sun exposure! A skirt or dress themselves under an umbrella protects you from solar ray , but no heat. Therefore you should not be on the beach even in those circumstances.

3.- If you feel heat in the affected area, you can do sitz baths (if buttocks) with chamomile cold water or cold compresses applied to the área.

4.- Exercises:

High impact exercises promotes migration to the genitals, perianal region and lower back so you have to avoid them.

You should avoid all kinds of high-impact exercises such as running, aerobics , dance therapy , insanity , crossfit, weightlifting, pole dance, climb the hill or mountain climbing, mountain biking , kick boxing , zumba , boot camp , tennis, baseball , softball, kicking ball , football , martial arts, etc.

You can low-impact exercises such as Pilates , yoga , gymnastics, TRX, stair climber (with low resistance), elliptical , spinning (No power bike), walking, swimming, crunches on machines where not support your buttocks, etc.

5.- Aesthetic treatments:

You must avoid all kinds of beauty treatments in the breasts (if injected that area ), low back region , buttocks , thighs and legs (if any migration to this area). If you have biopolymers in the face, do not undergo any kind of facial aesthetic treatments.

Some of the cosmetic treatments that should be avoided are:

Reducing, firming or any other massages in the area, ultrasound, RF Ultracavitation, laser hair removal or hot wax, vacuum therapy, endermologie, platelet rich plasma, carboxiterapia, mesotherapy, hidrolipoclasia, passive exercise with electric patches, Vela shape, heat therapies, etc.

Do not undergo liposuction in the abdomen, waist , back, buttocks , or thighs. And much less if laser. Liposuction is the main cause of migration of biopolymers to lower back, abdomen, genitals, thighs, legs and feet . The heat of the laser causes after some time tissue fibrosis and hardening of the area, causing pain and changes in skin texture.

6.- Avoid wearing underwear thread type, since this friction causes irreversible changes in skin texture crease of the buttocks ( cockscomb ) . Use cotton underwear bikini type , boyshort or whole.

7.- Avoid at all costs injections in the buttocks (antibiotics , vitamins , analgesics , steroids, etc. ) . Use the shoulder muscle or the quadriceps for intra applications.

8.- Avoid falls or blows to affecte área.
9.- Do not treat yourself. Visit a doctor before asking a friend or neighbor

what to take. No patients are alike .

10.- Read This article Asia Syndrome (

Remember: You must treat your buttocks as if they were made of porcelain. The risk of death is only at the time of injection.

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